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A Minimalist’s Approach to Life

Hello Guys and Gals! 😊 It’s great to have you here! I have been away for a while with tech issues but I’ve been anxiously waiting to start posting again. You have waited long enough so let’s get started… “Minimalism is not about having… Continue Reading “A Minimalist’s Approach to Life”

The Code to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose

Hello Guys and Gals! Great to see you again! 🙂 “When we do what we love, that is a passion. When what we do serves others, that is purpose” – Jay Shetty Ask yourself these questions… really dig deep and be honest with yourself.… Continue Reading “The Code to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose”

Life Does Not Have to Be PERFECT to Be Bea-YOU-tiful!

Welcome back! I’m super excited to have you here! “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” – Confuscius What is perfect? What is normal? Who defines perfect and normal? I know life can be a little tricky! Some days may feel like The… Continue Reading “Life Does Not Have to Be PERFECT to Be Bea-YOU-tiful!”