The Code to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose

Hello Guys and Gals! Great to see you again! 🙂

“When we do what we love, that is a passion. When what we do serves others, that is purpose” – Jay Shetty

Ask yourself these questions… really dig deep and be honest with yourself.

What are my values? What is/are my passion(s)? What is my purpose?

Some of you will instantly and confidently have answers to the above however, a few of you will struggle with this. That’s ok. I too have struggled with these questions.

Have no fear… I am here to help you get closer to your truth! This post is designed to challenge some of your thoughts and present a few things from a different perspective… one perhaps that you have not yet considered.

Firstly, I would like to address the idea that we need to “find” our purpose. I have spent many years searching for my purpose and getting extremely frustrated that I have not “found” it. It felt like the more I focused on “finding”, the further away I was from it. In my first post (The Girl Behind the Blog), I shouted out from the rooftops to you guys and gals that I had “finally found my purpose” and I’m very proud of that but, I’m rephrasing that slightly in this post to say that I am finally in synch with my purpose. Even I still use the words “find/found” but think of it this way… perhaps we should not be trying to find something that we already have. You can’t find something that is not lost. The more finding we try to do, the further away from synchrony with ourselves we are. Bear with me…

I know you’re probably thinking “If I already have my purpose then why don’t I know what it is? If it is right there why can’t I see it”? Here is the mind blowing thing! Something you have heard time and time again but never connected to purpose and passion.

….A deeper understanding of self is key.

A deeper understanding of self will reveal your passion and purpose. Knowing yourself goes deeper than knowing your eye colour, height, weight, blood pressure, IQ etc. It is about knowing what your heart truly desires and what your values are.

Tip 1 – Take some time out everyday to really focus on yourself. Filling your time with lots of activities or work can take away from the time you need to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Even if the activities are things you really enjoy, it is still important to take time out for quiet reflection.

One way to dig deeper is to look at your everyday actions… the people you spend time with, your role models, your hobbies, books, podcasts, TV shows. These things will enable you to identify what is important to you and through that, your passions will start to become clear. Tread carefully though when it comes to things you tell yourself that you should be doing (e.g. I should have done this by now, I should be a doctor, I should be volunteering) because this is where your rational mind pops in and tries to tell you what it perceives to be the “right” thing to do based on an array of factors. Sometimes these perceptions are not our own but rather things we have picked up from what we may consider to be societal norms. Whilst these are admirable pursuits, if your heart is not in it then there is no passion, no true satisfaction. You’re not calibrated to your purpose and thus likely to feel more disconnected from it.

Tip 2 – Take time out when making decisions about passions and purpose to ask yourself what it means to you. It sounds almost too simple but if you get that positive physical and psychological reaction then you know that this is something that makes you happy. Something that you are passionate about and aligns with your values. (Definition of passion – “a strong and barely controllable emotion” – Oxford Dictionary)

Another idea I would love you guys and gals to challenge is that we have only one purpose. Once you’ve found it, it’s all gravy.  

We are always developing as people, challenging ourselves and reaching new heights so it makes sense that your purpose today CAN DEVELOP TOO. Your goals 10 years ago are probably not the same today. Your purpose today will not necessarily be the same tomorrow but it is already there. It is at a different stage because you are at a different stage in your life. It is ok for your purpose to change.

Lastly, calibrating with your purpose may take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, the things we are passionate about require us to take huge leaps. Our passions may require us to decide perhaps to move to a different city, get a new job, form new relationships with people or even end past relationships. It is easy to stick with what we know because it is safe however, that keeps us from being the best versions of ourselves and living purposefully. You have got to take those risks because if you feel passionate about it and it makes you happy, then it will be the best decision you will ever make. It won’t always be easy but until you try, you will never know.

My keys takeaways are:

  1. Get to know yourself and be self-aware (pay attention to what you’re doing, what you’d like to do rather than what you think you should be doing) to synch with your passions and purpose.
  2. Don’t worry about living your future purpose today. Focus on today’s purpose.
  3. Don’t be afraid to jump out of the safe zone from time to time.

Remember to live purposefully and be the best version of yourself

Manuela xoxo

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