Life Does Not Have to Be PERFECT to Be Bea-YOU-tiful!

Welcome back! I’m super excited to have you here!

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” – Confuscius

What is perfect? What is normal? Who defines perfect and normal?

I know life can be a little tricky! Some days may feel like The Best Day Ever and the next you are swamped with work, school assignments, loads of laundry, difficulties in your relationships, loss or just generally not feeling great about yourself. Every time something doesn’t go to plan you wish on your lucky stars that things could change so that your life could be perfect. No dramas, just perfect. But what if I were to tell your life is beautiful and has always been that way. You just stopped believing that somewhere along the way.

I believe perfectionism and the idea of normal are not innate. We are not born thinking we are imperfect or out of the ordinary. Perfectionist tendencies can stem from observation of adults exhibiting perfectionism, from demands placed on children by people around them and even possibly from conditional love. I think babies are the purest form of human being and it is the experiences they face growing up which form their core beliefs. The challenging this is that as children grow, the demands to be perfect can get stronger and continue into adult life leading to feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence, low self esteem and a general lack of love for self.  

The main core belief we cling to is that life has to be perfect for us to be happy… for things to be beautiful all round. We say things like:

  1. If I was smarter, prettier, stronger, thinner then I would be perfect.
  2. If I had more money, things would be perfect and life would be great.
  3. If I eat better, exercise more then I will be perfect and I’ll love the new me.

Or… we start to question whether we are normal:

  • I always drink tequila at parties. Nobody else does. Is that normal?
  • I cover my fries in ketchup, Tom likes to dip his. Does this mean what I’m doing is not normal. Is it ok?

Guys and gals I am so happy to tell you…perfection does not exist! We’ve all been chasing the perfect life for years and never found it because it was never out there for us to find.

Your life right now may feel imperfect and that is because that is exactly where you are supposed to be right now. You’re not ordinary. You are extraordinary and that is absolutely fine!

There are so many beautiful things in your life right now. In fact, let us do a little challenge with a great reward. I will do it with you.

My Beautiful Life 30 day Challenge

I Manuela, challenge You to record a video every day about things that are beautiful in your life right now. You can start with as many as you like. Do this for 30 days. On the last day, watch all the videos you’ve recorded and I promise you, you’ll be amazed at how much beauty and joy there is in your life…. even with all the challenges you are facing. If you’re not a fan of the camera/tech then writing it down works too 🙂

We live in the past, ignore the present (so we don’t notice the small victories) and we worry about the future. Sadly, we do not have the super power to see the future so it is draining worrying about things you have little control over right now. Whilst we worry about the future, wishing the time away till things are perfect, the good times keep coming but we just don’t notice them as much as the challenging times.

I am here to tell you all today that “Life does not have to be perfect to be bea-YOU-tiful”. You have plenty of really awesome things happening for you right now. Just take a minute to take it all in an enjoy every moment.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, but it is not. Your grass is YOUR shade of green and that is beautiful.

Remember to live purposefully and be the best version of you!

Manuela xoxo

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