The Girl Behind the Blog


My name is Manuela and I’m the gal behind Lifevolution. I’m a qualified physiotherapist, have a degree in neuroscience and psychology and a certification in nutrition.

Yes, it is extremely ambitious, but I want to change the way people live their lives, one person at a time. I want you to live your life happier and with purpose.

For several years, I have struggled with my health and have been desperately seeking for my true purpose in life. I have had many sleepless nights and of course the incessant daydreaming about running away to the Caribbean where I would spend my days eating bbqs on the beach, dancing till the sun goes down and drinking rum. I know… maybe not the most sensible idea i have ever had. There a days where I have felt bored, unfulfilled and lacking direction. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for everything I have. I have a great husband, family, home and a job that enables me to make a positive change to people’s lives but, something was missing.

On my quest to improve my life and specifically my health, I did what a lot of people do and took several prescriptions from my doctor hoping that a “magic pill” would get me ticking perfectly… just as I had successfully done in the past. Guess what… it didn’t work this time.

Disclaimer – This post is in no way suggesting that you should stop taking medication prescribed by your doctor. Please keep taking medications as recommended by your doctor until they advise otherwise.

I started looking into alternative ways that I could get my health back on track. I did a lot of research on how to achieve optimal health and this is when I came across the idea of being holistic with self-care. Look after your physical body as well as your mind because one affects the other. In my case I was taking medication to help my physical symptoms but they were not getting better because I was not looking after my mind as well. I was stressed and my physical body was beginning to suffer. I felt tired all the time despite a good sleep routine and because of that, I ate a lot of rubbish to get that buzz I was so desperately seeking. I started to have a lot of abdominal problems which affected my mood and made me feel worse physically. The cycle went on and on.

I thought enough is enough. Something must change. I started to implement my plan to holistically take care of the whole of ME. I won’t go into too much detail about the changes I have made in this post because there are several posts to come with detailed tips for you.

I am sooo excited to tell you that I have finally found my purpose!!! I know right … finally!! – My purpose is to support and encourage you on your journey to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally. You are going to read and hear the phrase “be the best version of yourself” a lot on Lifevolution because that’s OUR goal. I will be honest and say it’s tough and requires a lot of dedication but it is totally worth it.  I am honoured to share everything I have learnt so far with you so you can be healthier and happy. There is so much I am still learning but I am looking forward to it and really excited to learn from you too.My only request is that you share what you have learnt from this blog with your family, friends and even strangers you meet on the bus on your way to work. Share this with everybody. Let this be the catalyst that’ll help every person live a happier life.

PS: Don’t forget to have a look at the other pages on the site. Lots of exciting content to come 🙂

Remember to live purposefully and be the best version of you.

Manuela xoxo

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  1. This is such an inspirational post, I can’t wait to read more! Wishing you all the best in your blogging journey 🤗

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